Roofing Sheets and steel products, from the manufacturer


Factory: 1 building, 1-st st, Noragavit


The company “Arantsk” was founded in Goris, Syunik region in 1995. In the first years of its existence the company started its activity in Syunik, supplying high-quality building materials to Goris and neighboring markets.

By the time, expanding and acquiring new customers and partners, in 2001 “Arantsk”  founded its branch in Yerevan.

This meant the acquisition and supply of new construction products. This process was accompanied with new agreements and contracts with foreign and CIS leading companies, and, naturally, the next step was the organization of sales and supplies throughout the country.

Adapted to customers with new and high-quality products, the company set up its own factory in 2009, where installed several production lines , and the company began to specialize in the production of roofing and roofing details.

In the future, following the same principles, starting in 2015, “Arantsk” became the only official representative of the Korean company “Keo Sang, DongbuSteel” in the republic and began importing Super Polyester Colored Sheets.

The company, in addition to its own products, staying true to its motto “High quality or nothing “, offers a wide range of high-quality, guaranteed steel products in accordance with international GOST standards.